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Anu is as comfortable addressing audiences on screen as she is off-screen. As a public speaker, she is often called upon to do so in one capacity or another.


She has been called on to present or appear in a number of televised shows covering different styles, subjects and themes ranging from light enterntainment to serious news. These include both Christian and non-Christian shows. She presents Christian Weekly News which is aired weekly on KICC TV on Sky, OHTV,  A Step Fwd, UGN radio, Vinejuice Radio  and online HERE.


As can be seen in the videos below, she is very professional and capable either in a live setting or in a controlled environment. 

She has also been featured in different news and magazine publications. 


Book Anu to host or present your:

  • Conference

  • Concert

  • Gig

  • Retreat

  • Birthday celebration

  • Party

  • Special ceremony

  • Wedding

  • TV programme

  • Video recording of any kind

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