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Iconic Anu & Crowd festival pic.png
Iconic Anu & Crowd festival pic.png

Music Director & Festival Director

Music Director

Anu is the Music Director at Liverpool Lighthouse, a National Portfolio Organisation for Arts Council England, She is responsible and has oversight of the music that takes place in the venue. Head over to for more information abut the organisation. 

Anu plays the piano and keyboards proficiently, and has extensive experience in producing and directing bands. Her experience began decades ago when directing choirs. She has directed choirs for national TV on several occasions including in 2023 / 24 when she arranged and musically directed songs both for the iconic Songs of Praise and Comic Relief on BBC One.

She was awarded a Fellowship by RSL Awards for her services to music in 2024. 

Festival Director, Liverpool Gospel Music Festival

Anu is developing Liverpool Lighthouse as a National Gospel Music Centre, as part of which she is developing the Liverpool Gospel Music Festival, believed to be the UK's first international mainstream gospel music festival. The first edition of the festival was held in September 2023 and was a roaring success with over 3,000 people in attendance and excellent feedback. The second edition will be held on Saturday 7 September.

Read the Festival Impact Statement below:
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