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Vocal Coach & Choir Hire

Vocal Coaching


There are many amazing singers out there but not everyone can teach others how to get the best out of their voices. Let Anu help you find or improve your voice! She conducts vocal tutoring for all kinds of organisations, groups, individuals and music outfts spanning all ages, backgrounds and level of musical experience. Her eldest student is 83 and her youngest is 5 years old! Organisations other than those mentioned above in the "Choirs & Workshops" section include FutureVersity, Joined Up Thinking Mentoring Scheme, Tandridge Trust, Leisure and Culture, Liverpool Lighthouse Venue and so many others.

She is also hired by churches of all kinds - ranging from Church of England with Anglo-Catholic traditions to Pentecostal churches - to develop and train their existing worship teams and choirs. She specialises in working with churches to ensure that their own worship is the best it can be. Her singing background includes traditional and modern hymns, psalms, chants, classical pieces, gospel, Praise & Worship, Contemporary Christian Music and African worship. 

She teaches breathing techniques, vocal techniques and performance techniques including good diaphragmatic /SPLAT breathing, good use and control of the different vocal registers, vocal placement, pitching and ear training, sound shaping and uses practical exercises to increase confident performances. Preserving good vocal health is important to her. She is patient, persistent and will tailor each session to the needs of the client. 


Anu is fully DBS checked, and a CACHE registered Vocal Health First Aider.

Lighthouse Choir - Songs of Healing: Remembering Hillsborough and the nation through periods of loss. 

Anu was tasked to audition, select and vocally coach members of the public either based in Liverpool or with connections to the tragic Hillsborough Disaster in the UK in 1989. The project was originally intended to record a commemorative album in time for the final Hillsborough Memorial Service in April 2021 and to perform at it. Following delays owing to the impact of the pandemic, the first single, "Wind Beneath My Wings", was released on 10 December 2021 which followed a free concert held on 4 December 2021 and commemorating the songs sung at the memorial services over the last 20 years.


The choir's second single, "Abide With Me", was released on 15th April 2022 to a great public reception, much media coverage and acclaim.


Work with the choir began in May 2020, persisted throughout lockdowns and quarantines mostly online and culminated in the singers meeting each other for the first time (in sections) to record the album in the summer of 2021. This has been a beautiful, humbling and awe-inspiring time and process for Anu.

Wind Beneath My Wings - the 1st single from Lighthouse Choir

The Reapers Choir

Anu was the award-winning choir director and manager of the award-winning The Reapers Choir for decades, a gospel choir that was a finalist in BBC1’s Gospel Choir of the Year 2014 and has performed in venues including 10 Downing Street for the Prime Minister, Kensington Palace, the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, and the London African Music Festival 2015 and several local venues too numerous to mention.  The vocal ability of this unique singing collective has been recognised nationally and internationally, with the gospel outfit winning "Best Music Video by a UK Choir or Group" at the JUMP Music Video Awards 2017 for their latest track "The Only One (Okan Soso)", London UK; and both "Choir of the Year” and “Choir Director of the Year” (Anu Omideyi), in the Zeta Gospel Music Awards, Tennessee, USA, in October 2015. The choir was also nominated for "Best Gospel Act" in the Urban Music Awards 2017, Premier Gospel Award  "Choir of The Year 2017", Choir of the Year 2016" and the British Gospel Music Alliance Industry (GMIA) award for “Best Music Video by a UK Choir/Group” (JUMP Music Video Awards) in 2014. In 2016 the choir returned to the the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall alongside many other events including the Christian Resource Exhibition at the ExCel Centre.  Please click to go to the choir's website for more details.

The Reapers Choir is a bona fide church choir consisting only of church members who joined it with varying levels of singing ability. Anu taught them how to sing and / or trained and developed their voices. The journey of the current crop of singers into the world outside church only began recently in September 2012. The rest is history! 

She still works very closely with the choir whilst she encourages the next generation to continue to blaze their own trails. 

Choirs & Workshops - UK and International 

For many years Anu also directed the Hackney Community Gospel Choir which, as its name suggests, is based in Hackney and is open to anyone of any faith and any singing ability. Please email if you would like to join.

Anu also works with other community or local choirs and conducts choir workshops. A few of the choirs she has directed, assisted or provided vocal tutoring for include LCCM Gospel Choir (who won the University Gospel Choir of the Year 2017), Nexus Institute of Creative Arts Gospel Choir (who won 1st Runner up at the University Gospel Choir of the Year 2018), Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel) Choirs, King’s Chapel Choir, Graceland Ministries Choir, RCCG Music Academy, RCCG Victory Choir, Bonneville Primary School Choirs and several others. She has also worked extensively with Godalming Community Gospel Choir having taken a number of their sessions, a workshop and featured as their special guest soloist in their 2017 Christmas Concert.

Anu works both nationally and internationally and travelled to Europe in Autumn 2018 to direct choirs for the duration of their respective weekend choir festivals in Norway (Sangfesten, Grenland) and Paris (Paris Gospel). 

BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year

Anu was an off-screen judge for BBC's Gospel Choir of the Year 2019 competition.

University Gospel Choir of the Year

Anu was an official choir vocal coach for the national University Gospel Choir of the Year 2018 and was a judge in the 2016 UGCY finals. For more information go to

Choir Hire

If you would like to book any of the choirs that Anu works with or a specially constituted choir, she can arrange a group of singers - ranging from a few to many - to perform at your function and will tailor it to your needs. Have a listen to a 4-person choir below!

Medley - 4-Person Choir

Book Anu now!

Does your church have a gospel choir, worship team or singing group? Or are you part of a pop, school, college, university, club, etc, group? Would you like to achieve a highly professional, blended and impactful sound? Do you want to take your sound to the next level? Or would you like some vocal lessons for yourself, one on one? Do your harmonies need tightening? Are your vocal arrangements a bit boring or predictable?

Also, book Anu now to:

  • Vocally train your choir or group at any level, professional or amateur

  • Direct your choir or group for a special performance

  • Engage in one on one vocal training

  • Work on your vocal arrangements

  • Bring out the best in your voice

  • Work on your visual presentation

Background photo credit: Denny Wong

Review photos credit: Fred Williams

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