The more tools you have, the better protected our children will be. 

Have you ever wanted to have a difficult discussion with your child, niece, nephew, pupils or children under your care in any other capacity, but just didn’t know how to start the conversation?  If so, these two educational resource packs are for you, your girls, your boys or your organisation! 


Precious & Private
(protecting children's bodies)
Different But Alike
(discussing racism)

What better way to gently work your way into a tough topic than by using catchy songs with animated cartoon videos, karaoke videos and karaoke song tracks, instrumental tracks, lyric sheets and lesson plans or discussion plans packed with fun activities, instructions and scenarios to help you talk the walk with your child?


Grab your copy of these exciting educational resource packs with various combinations and plan choices to suit your needs. You can purchase a single user pack for as little as £5. Each pack has a cartoon video, a karaoke video, a song track, a karaoke track, an instrumental track, a discussion and activity plan (plus a lesson plan for schools) and a lyric sheet. There are larger packs available for schools or children’s clubs which allow you to download the music resource pack for every single child.  

“But I think my children are too young for these conversations” you might say. Ok, you might be right. Please consider, though, that danger in form of predators, unfriendly friends, internet trolls or even misinformation do not stop to think about if your child is too young or not. The sad truth is that they don’t care. Perhaps it’s a good idea to gently educate your child in a fun, innocent way before they do? 


Interested? Click to browse, scroll and purchase the PRECIOUS AND PRIVATE or DIFFERENT BUT ALIKE single user, thirty-five user or schools pack.

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From personal experience, in the moment of danger or an unpleasant experience it takes an extraordinary amount of strength for an adult - let alone a child - to successfully protect themselves. You need to be so confident that you are right to say “No” or to stand your ground on an important issue. And so you’ll need to hear those important messages again and again and again and again. Especially if you’re a young child.

Well, we don’t need that, we already speak to our children about relationships, sex education, racism, etc” you might think. Great! These resources should serve to compliment your great work as fun, effective and affordable bolt ons, not to replace it. These resources have been created with guidance from head teachers, NSPCC material, a child trauma expert and are compatible with any safe and appropriate school programme. You’ll be able to use these resources to help what you’re doing so well already. You get to decide exactly how you use the resource. 

Ok, but why do we need songs?” Good songs are fun and they stick in the mind like an ear worm. We dance to the beat before even realising the message. Once the children are having fun, you can then use the song to open up the much needed discussions with the children and gently reinforce the message again and again. Or you can play the tracks and have a good sing along or dance to them. Or use them as part of an early morning or late night routine. Or however you would like.

In August 2020, NSPCC reported that police recorded more than 200 child sexual offences, on average every day, last year. Child sex offences rose 57% in the last five years. Boys and girls alike are constantly at risk. 


Unhappily, I know exactly what it is like to have suffered at the hands of a predator at an extremely young age and for years. 


This is why and how I came up with the idea for “Difficult Discussions Easy Songs” and it’s why I would like to give you some resources to help your child protect themselves.

This project is completely self funded so if you would like to donate to support it and enable the creation of further projects, please feel free donate here.

Thank you so much!

The more tools you have, the better protected our children will be. 

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