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Kids & Teens


Anu has created exciting musical educational resource packs including cartoon videos, karaoke videos, song tracks, karaoke song tracks, lesson or discussion plans and activities sheet, lyric sheets and instrumental tracks for primary school children.


Click HERE to preview the videos and see how your children can get singing and dancing along whilst learning today. Or if you feel she could help to bring these packs to life in your school in person, feel free to get in touch,​

She is fully DBS certified. 

In summary, Anu is often asked to either engage in music sessions with children and teenagers or to address them during talks as a keynote speaker or as part of a panel discussion. These sessions have been presented to many different groups of children of ages ranging from 5 right through to late teens.

Musical Services


She has extensive experience working with children and young people. She currently has ongoing contracts at two primary schools and a secondary school (separate and distinct from the adults and adult choirs she teaches and the other music work she does). She has taught at music schools and worked with numerous children’s, teen and university choirs. She is an official coach for the University Gospel Choir of the Year and was an off-screen judge for BBC1’s Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year. She has conducted numerous holiday or pop-up singing, songwriting and performance workshops. She is dynamic, flexible, fun, warm and good with young people. Having practiced as a successful criminal lawyer for 14 years prior to her career change, she works with music and young people by choice, because she is passionate about them. Here are the services she can bring to your school.



Singing assemblies. Anu takes singing assemblies weekly at primary school level and frequently at secondary school level. They involve warm up exercises, vocal warm up exercises, songs that are tailored to the school’s needs including any special topics, issues or seasons that the school is dealing with or passing through. Anu will choose songs that capture the attention and imagination of the students and will often involve them in creating actions or even alternative lyrics and harmonies to parts of the song. She will often use the lyrics of the songs to engage the students in discussions about interesting topics whilst encouraging them to develop a practice of thinking carefully about what they’re listening to and thinking critically in the general sense.


Duration: between 20-40 mins.


School choirs. Anu conducts, teaches and trains school choirs of different kinds at varying stages of each school. For example, in one primary school Anu has three different choirs: a key stage 1 choir, a key stage 2 choir and a massed choir. She chooses songs tailored to the students’ preferences and will often involve them in the song choices. However, she will also make her own choices with a view to educating the students beyond their knowledge and opening their minds to new and exciting sounds. She teaches musical harmonies where possible. She also uses the sessions as an opportunity to neutrally discuss themes in songs and, by extension, in life. She is live to the presence of many inappropriate – violent or over-sexualised - themes in popular songs nowadays and will either avoid these where wildly offensive or amend the lyrics and discuss the reasons where mildly inappropriate. All her school choirs, without exception, have been asked to sing at local events either within the school or outside the school and to much acclaim. Where possible, she will encourage choirs to enter local events, competitions or activities.


Duration: usually 30-45 mins.


Choir clubs. In addition to all the activities described above in the school choir sessions, choir clubs will also involve an element of songwriting by the students. Anu will introduce this gently by encouraging the students to write an alternative line or verse here and there but will then develop this by encouraging them to write a song.


Duration: usually 45-60 mins after school.


Songwriting for your school. Anu can also write songs for your school be it for any event, season or as a theme song. It is often interesting and rewarding to hear your students singing a song that specially encapsulates your ethos, goals and achievements.


By special arrangement.


Speaking and Other Services


Work with children at risk of gang activity. Given Anu’s background working in the criminal justice system, she would be very happy to work with your school to agree on a programme or mentoring scheme for some hours a week to spend time with at risk students, listen to their situations, open their eyes to the realities of a life of crime, share her stories, raise their aspirations about other legitimate professions/lifestyles and, where necessary, bring in other professionals who have either left a life of crime or who can provide professional advice about getting into certain professions or jobs. Her experience as a barrister equips her with the skills to get people to open up and talk - although this may take time - to ascertain what the issues are, to listen, to identify solutions as difficult as these may be, to do her utmost to implement them. Her experience working with children and in the music business also complements this.


Duration: 20-30 minutes per child per week.

With regard to other speaking roles she can address the following topics as a keynote speaker, panellist or contributor to small or large audiences:

  • Self esteem issues

  • Bullying

  • Crime and young people

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Sexual abuse

  • Building aspirations

  • Routes to success

  • Leadership 

  • Careers in law 

  • Careers in business

  • Careers in music

Head over to the Reviews page to hear the impact Anu has made and book her now to attend your school or organisation!

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